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Network Management System (NMS)

The C-DOT Network Management System (CNMS) is a part of the CNMS™ range of network management solutions from C-DOT.

Geo-Intelligent System (GIS) - Network Digitization System (NDS)

C-DOT's indigenous development of Geo-Intelligent applications have enormous utilities in the areas of defence / security, taget monitoring / tracking, technology deployment layout planning, telecom resource monitoring and many more.

Geo-Intelligent System (GIS) - Fiber Fault Localization System (FFLS)

Fiber Monitor is a centralized solution for Fault Localization. Since Fiber Monitor identifies the fault within minutes of its occurrence, it saves a lot of down time of services of the concerned user.


Tele-PlanNet is a one click automated solution for Optical Backhaul and Access Network layout planning. It automates the entire process of visualization, plan generation and the preparation of construction documents and work orders.

C-DOT Common Service Platform for M2M Communication

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication is a form of data communication that involves one or more entities that do not necessarily require human interaction or intervention in the process of communication.

Intelligent LED Lighting Concept with CityTouch

A shining example of a sustainable designed city. See how IBG Engineering in Gaiserwald, Switzerland is implementing an intelligent LED lighting concept with Philips CityTouch.

Aqua - Rimat

FlowLess by AquaRimat is an all-in-one intelligent water management system for Smart Cities that provides real-time consumption insights and on-site valve control. FlowLess collects and analyzes water consumption data and alerts on usage abnormalities, such as leaks and others.

Delta Electronics Group

Delta Electronics India Pvt ltd_Smart City Solutions

Delta: Jaipur Network Operating Centre

Delta, a pioneer in display solutions, installed a state-of-the-art video wall solution for the Smart City project in Jaipur,Rajasthan to monitor various operations for city wide management.

Delta: Display Solutions for Control Room

Delta Displays, a pioneer in display solutions, delivered an advanced video wall solution for India's 1st Smart City Centre in Surat, Gujarat, to monitor over 30 different operations for city management.