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WDAN ( Divya Damini™ )

Divya Damini™ solution is C-DOT's response to ever increasing demand of dedicated high speed access for mobile network storage enterprise and residential segment.

100G OTN Platform

In the present era of burgeoning data applications and consequently ever increasing demand of bandwidth, it becomes a challenge to optimize a transport network. Data Centres, Business Parks, Large Industrial Complexes etc.

Network Management System (NMS)

The C-DOT Network Management System (CNMS) is a part of the CNMS™ range of network management solutions from C-DOT.

Geo-Intelligent System (GIS) - Network Digitization System (NDS)

C-DOT's indigenous development of Geo-Intelligent applications have enormous utilities in the areas of defence / security, taget monitoring / tracking, technology deployment layout planning, telecom resource monitoring and many more.

Geo-Intelligent System (GIS) - Fiber Fault Localization System (FFLS)

Fiber Monitor is a centralized solution for Fault Localization. Since Fiber Monitor identifies the fault within minutes of its occurrence, it saves a lot of down time of services of the concerned user.


Tele-PlanNet is a one click automated solution for Optical Backhaul and Access Network layout planning. It automates the entire process of visualization, plan generation and the preparation of construction documents and work orders.

C-DOT Common Service Platform for M2M Communication

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication is a form of data communication that involves one or more entities that do not necessarily require human interaction or intervention in the process of communication.

Intelligent LED Lighting Concept with CityTouch

A shining example of a sustainable designed city. See how IBG Engineering in Gaiserwald, Switzerland is implementing an intelligent LED lighting concept with Philips CityTouch.

Aqua - Rimat

FlowLess by AquaRimat is an all-in-one intelligent water management system for Smart Cities that provides real-time consumption insights and on-site valve control. FlowLess collects and analyzes water consumption data and alerts on usage abnormalities, such as leaks and others.

Delta Electronics Group

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