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GIS fiber fault localization GIS fiber fault localization

Geo-Intelligent System (GIS) - Fiber Fault Localization System (FFLS)

Fiber Monitor is a centralized solution for Fault Localization. Since Fiber Monitor identifies the fault within minutes of its occurrence, it saves a lot of down time of services of the concerned user. OTDR is an expensive instrument, being centralized solution Fiber Monitor reduces the movement cost, downtime cost and hence optimizes OPEX of your network. The benefits of the Fiber Monitor system include:

  • Quickly and easily identifying network faults.
  • Automatic fault localization & notification.
  • Network security breaches become visible.
  • Proactive monitoring ensures network connectivity.
  • Automatic fault status update after being rectified.

C-DOT is Govt. of India undertaking, under Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Department of Telecommunications. For further information: