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The key objectives of Smartnet are:

  • To provide a horizontal learning platform for exchange between cities, practitioners, academia, researchers and technologists;

  • To evolve a comprehensive framework for knowledge sharing amongst cities implementing the various urban sector missions such as Smart Cities, AMRUT, HRIDAY, Swachh Bharat, Housing For All and National Urban Livelihoods Mission.
Smartnet encourages Government to Government (G-to-G) and Government to Business (G-to-B) and Business to Government (B-to-G) linkages for the urban sector in India enabling transparent and structured interactions between cities, businesses and institutions.

Smartnet provides cities an opportunity to share details of training programmes, competitions, job opportunities, conferences and tender documents like EOIs, RFPs, and so on. For the industry, Smartnet features a Products Gallery to showcase new ideas and innovations specifically developed for cities. Individual cities can share success stories along with information on the proponents and leadership of the successes which will be highlighted regularly. In addition to various success stories, technological updates and innovative measures adopted by cities, Smartnet will also give users a glimpse into "Trending Topics" in the urban sector.

The portal will provide users real time information through City Dashboards, capturing changes at City level, project level information through geo-tagging of projects and latest updates on the progress of the urban sector missions.

Smartnet encourages collaborative solutions and crowd-sourcing of ideas for the urban sector, resulting in an eco-system which will promote and support Co-Creation at a national and global scale. To achieve this, we require your active involvement in order to build the content as well as to include new features and provide the best quality of content. You can 'contribute' content and also 'connect' with others in the ecosystem.

While we have built the structure based on identified needs of stakeholders, we strive to remain responsive to the users' needs. Therefore, your inputs and suggestions will be invaluable in this nascent stage of evolution for improving our services, system features and website design. Please do fill out our feedback form. For any further information please contact Smartnet Helpdesk.

New Users are encouraged to register on to Smartnet by clicking on the Log-in button on the top-right corner of the home page navigation bar.
Once on the Log-in form, first time users can register through their 'Linkedin' account. Alternately, users can manually fill-in registration form.
Already registered users can enter username and password to continue onto Smartnet.
Once you have logged into Smartnet, click on "Your Account" on the upper right hand corner of the header. You will be able to view your profile. You can edit your profile by clicking on the "Edit" tab. You can update your profile picture, user name (display name) and password, add information on current workplaces, and enter your biography.
You can set your preferences under "My Account" by clicking on the "My Preferences" tab to avail the Personalised Content Service on Smartnet. This enables you to receive regular updates for calendar events like conferences, tender documents, Jobs and Competitions available under the Opportunities section. Smartnet would soon introduce updates for Library resources in Sectors of Your interest as well as Cities of your Interest.

You can set also set your preferences under the "My Saved Searches" tab. This allows you to search for 'keywords' that you can track for updates, announcements and calendar events related to the topic. You can either select a keyword from a preset array or chose your own by searching Smartnet for more keywords, topics and sectors. Once you have made your selection, you can save your search by clicking on the "save search" button at the bottom. You can reset your preferences by clicking on the "reset" button at the bottom.
Smartnet allows you to save Topics and Areas of your interest in Your Saved Searches, and track updates about related events, new research materials and technology and product information. Smartnet sends out weekly updates based on your selected preferences along with other important events and curated news on the urban sector. Smartnet also publishes monthly Newsletters that provide an update on upcoming events as well as a list of recommended readings. As the platform evolves, your insights and advice on making the Smartnet Weekly Updates as well as the Smartnet Newsletter are welcome and you can send us your suggestions by using our Feedback form, or by directly contacting the Help Desk.
To access and browse the Smartnet platform click on Search Icon at the right hand corner of the homepage.

Smartnet Site Map has also been created as a resource to provide you with a simple overview of the Smartnet Platform. You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with the platform by walking through the main features listed in the Site Map.
Smartnet allows you to search through the resources through 'Keywords' and 'Tags'. A keyword can be typed directly on the Smartnet Search browser and users can explore related documents. Users can also filter their search results by clicking on related 'filters' for document category, industry terms and applied technologies displayed on the left hand column.
  • Missions
    Smartnet Missions gives an overview of the current 6 key flagship missions of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs in India: Smart Cities, AMRUT, HRIDAY, Swachh Bharat, Housing For All and National Urban Livelihoods Mission. Users can choose to explore the missions further by clicking on the Missions Tabs. Alternately, users can explore Missions Cities through interactive GIS based map and explore Smart Cities Network.

  • Exploring Smart Cities Mission Page
    Smart Cities Mission gives the current progress of the Smart Cities Mission. Alongside the Smart Cities Mission, the Smart Cities Network is a data analytics and visualization tool for cities officials, planners and practitioners. It allows users to discover, organize, and analyze new information, and support inferences and insights with factual evidence. The availability of detailed, comparable and easily accessible city level information through the dynamic Cities Network platform helps in the assessment of development targets and setting future goals. The Smart Cities Network tool is currently being developed. Your suggestions and feedback on improving the network are welcome. Please leave your suggestions and comments at the Help Desk or fill out our Feedback form .

  • Exploring Smart City Dashboards
    The Smart Cities Network would allow users to access Smart City Microsites. Presently, the City Microsites contain information on the ongoing projects under Smart Cities Mission of the Ministry of Urban Development alongside a GIS based city map where live projects on the city can be viewed (This feature is under development).

  • Projects
    The Projects page acts as a repository for various toolkits, advisory notes, guidance notes, case studies and other model documents that can assist in formulating and executing projects. With an objective to ease access to any specific document, the repository can be searched based on relevant sectors and sub-sectors. The sector-wise search helps you to search for project documents in each of the identified urban sectors.

  • Document Categories
    Document categories help in filtering different types of documents like government reports, advisories, tender documents, and so on, to help narrow your search.
The Learn page allows you to explore Smartnet Resources based on broad Sectors and related sub-sectors. You can also search for resources based on document category types.
The Opportunities page provides details about upcoming and past events that primarily target city officials. It also acts as a platform for viewing products and services advertised by private sector.
Smartnet act as a platform for crowd-sourcing of ideas and developing collaborative solutions for the urban sector, resulting in an eco-system which strives to promote and support Co-Creation at a national and global scale. To achieve this, the Contribute Section on Smartnet encourages its users to share relevant content to help build-up this ecosystem. It allows users to share new opportunities for Training, Job Opportunities, announcements for events and competitions. Cities can share their success stories. New research, good practice documents, handbooks, toolkits, and any other relevant reference material can also be its by registered users on Smartnet. Businesses can also upload their profiles, e-brochures of new products, etc for promotion through the Products Gallery on Smartnet.
The Connect page provides lists of users with whom connections can be established under Smartnet. It also acts as a platform for Government to Government (G-to-G) and Government to Business (G-to-B) and Business to Government (B-to-G) linkages for the urban sector in India which can connect Cities, Training and Research Institutes, Funding Organisations and the Private Industry.
The discussion forum will facilitate structured interactions between various stakeholders. Periodically, a relevant topic for discussion would be posted enabling all registered users to participate in discussions.


Use Smartnet Help Desk service to let us know of any technology, management and finance related queries you have in any of the urban sectors mentioned below. We will consult our experts and provide you an appropriate response at the earliest. You could also post a query for any Smartnet service/support related queries below.