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Geospatial Intelligence Geospatial Intelligence

Geo-Intelligent System (GIS) - Network Digitization System (NDS)

C-DOT's indigenous development of Geo-Intelligent applications have enormous utilities in the areas of defence / security, taget monitoring / tracking, technology deployment layout planning, telecom resource monitoring and many more. Simultaneously, C-DOT is exploring many new avenues to harness the value of unexplored gold mine of Geospatial Intelligence in the Indian scenario. The Solution has following benefits :

  • Designed especially for Indian geographic, demographic as well as climate scenarios.
  • Ease of use with Android, iOS applications.
  • Cost-effective and Secure.
  • Designed as per telecom standards.
  • Customizable as per user requirements.

C-DOT is Govt. of India undertaking, under Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Department of Telecommunications. For further information: