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Smart LED Street Light Smart LED Street Light
Smart LED Street Light - LA Smart LED Street Light - LA
Evolving Applications with Philips Lighting in LA Evolving Applications with Philips Lighting in LA
Contributed by: Vivek Jain

Intelligent LED Lighting Concept with CityTouch

A shining example of a sustainable designed city. See how IBG Engineering in Gaiserwald, Switzerland is implementing an intelligent LED lighting concept with Philips CityTouch.

With Philips CityTouch, the city of Los Angeles remotely manages more than 100,000 street lights to create a more livable city.

In 2015, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti launched a Great Streets Initiative to revitalize neighborhoods by making the streets more pedestrian-friendly. New street lighting technology that can ensure better and more reliable lighting operations was an important part of the plan.  Ed Ebrahimian, director of the Bureau of Street Lighting, held the responsibility for deploying this new street lighting technology for the city. After piloting several different systems, Ebrahimian selected Philips CityTouch due to its numerous capabilities, including remote monitoring, automatic notification of outages and other events, accurate lighting asset information, integration with the bureau’s existing management systems, future-proofing through software as a service delivery, and more.

With CityTouch in place, the Bureau no longer has to depend on scouting patrols or citizen reports to identify outages. The accurate data provided by CityTouch eliminates much of the onsite investigation previously performed by work crews prior to repairs, reducing response times from days to hours.

The ability to add new applications and data streams to the digital ecosystem demonstrates the power of open systems. Smart city infrastructures that employ an open systems approach use defined interfaces and de facto standards to integrate a wide range of smart devices, gathering and analyzing data from them to support new initiatives.