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City Console: Potable Water Quality Monitoring And Reporting Solution

We are Young Start-Up started in Chhattisgarh in year 2016 , Since then we have been working on development of smart solutions for smart cities and councils .

Synergies (India) Private Limited

Federal Synergies (India) Private Limited which has now emerged as one of the Leading players in Instrumentation & Engineering Services. We have been working in the area of Water & Power Sector since 1998 through our affiliate, Shanta Colibri India Private Limited.

Plutekk Technologies Limited

 PLUTEK is a startup company working with partners, providing smart city solution products for

Aquam Pipe Diagnostics

Aquam pipe diagnostics is a specialized technology and service provider focused on pipeline assessment and inspection solutions.

Aquam Pipe Rehabilitation: Pipeline Cleaning and Testing

Aquam Pipeline Refurbishment's team of engineers deliver advanced pipe cleaning technologies removing tubercles and other deposists from potable water, wastewater, industrial and gas pipelines.

Aquam Pipe Rehabilitation

Aquam Pipe Refurbishment (APR) manufactures and installs advanced pipelining systems for the rehabilitation of deteriorating or failing pipeline infrastructure using blown-in epoxy coatings and proven pipe cleaning techniques.

Xylem Smart Cities Solutions

This is a presenatation to showcase the range of services Xylem Smart Cities Capabilities offer, these are 

• Smart Water

• Smart Energy

• Smart Gas

• Smart Lighting

• Environmental Monitoring

• Smart Public Safety

• Smart Buildings

CAYA Constructs: Complete Sanitation Solution

Inspired by the idea of making India Open Defecation Free, by October 2019, we set-up Caya Constructs. Working backward, we realised that this goal could be achieved if we (and more people like us) are able to answer the following questions with a specially designed solution:- 

Multi-Port, Water Vending Machine

Water Vending Machines, we at DNI-Global are manufacturers of Fixed and Mobile Water Vending ATM Units from Vadodara, Gujarat.

OTOKLIN: Valve less Auto wash gravity Filtration Technology

OTOKLIN 's Valve less Auto wash gravity Filtration Technology for PHE is in line with CPHEEO Manual ( 7.1.14) & offer following advantages over conventional Rapid sand filteration technology :