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Multi-Port, Water Vending Machine

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Water Vending Machines, we at DNI-Global are manufacturers of Fixed and Mobile Water Vending ATM Units from Vadodara, Gujarat.

Our Water Vending machines are successfully installed for IRCTC sites in Mumbai region, one of the best in class with advance technology to track its working capability and performance at any time from any location, real time. DNI-Global is willing to work in capacity of consultant to decide and plan your clean drinking water need for residents of smart city and/or develop solutions on customized need basis to deliver clean drinking water in smart city. 

Vinay Sharma in India has developed Multi-Port, Water (or any drinking liquid) Vending Machine (WVM). These WVMs have the capability by which it sends all the parameters regarding system and sales to server on regular interval. These parameters can be remotely monitored and modifications can be done based on our requirement. The purpose of this Document to create a workflow, so that the process can be explained regarding working of Water Vending Machine, its design, look and feel and data for monitoring of system, sales details and generated alarms can be directed to respective stakeholders for quick action.