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Contributed by: KIRAN JOSHI

OTOKLIN: Valve less Auto wash gravity Filtration Technology

Document Category: Innovative Solutions, Products

OTOKLIN 's Valve less Auto wash gravity Filtration Technology for PHE is in line with CPHEEO Manual ( 7.1.14) & offer following advantages over conventional Rapid sand filteration technology :

1) Space saving.
2) 50 % reduction in back-washing water.
3) No Pumps, No actuated Valves , No Power, No PLC - Yet Fully automatic.
4) No Manpower either to supervise or to backwash. Initiation of backwash is head-loss So Filter bed gets clean , when required and does not depend on operator.
5) No sand loss in cleaning.
6) Lowe initial Project cost.
7) Almost negligible O&M costs.
8) Great reductions in Life cycle cost.

Total peace of mind. This technology is also offered for conservation of backwash waste water of existing plant to convert it to Zero Discharge.

Originated in Germany , Used world wide , Proven in India ( OTOKLIN have more than 500 Installations in India & abroad ) , Now all ready to be part of Smart City Mission and AMRUT cities. 

It is also ideal for Villages as it does not require O&M team & eliminate backwash Pumps, Valves & operator, yet fully automatic.