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Air Synergy

Air synergy are a clean tech design innovation company, providing off grid remote power solutions for smart city applications such as cctv, traffic monitoring, air quality, radio, wifi, water monitoring, off grid lighting and security surveillance.

Aiming Life: Automated Green Corridor for quickest passage of ambulances on roadways, saving crucial time and lives

A solution developed for minimizing the response time of emergency vehicles. Traffic a persistent problem in all major cities globally, often ambulances get delayed due to traffic congestion leading to fatal consequences.

Smart Subsurface Investigation Tools for Smart Cities

Underground infrastructure constitute a major component of any city's infrastructure, with underground metro corridors, parking, utilities (water, gas, sewer, telecoms, electricity etc.).

Xylem Smart Cities Solutions

This is a presenatation to showcase the range of services Xylem Smart Cities Capabilities offer, these are 

• Smart Water

• Smart Energy

• Smart Gas

• Smart Lighting

• Environmental Monitoring

• Smart Public Safety

• Smart Buildings

CAYA Constructs: Complete Sanitation Solution

Inspired by the idea of making India Open Defecation Free, by October 2019, we set-up Caya Constructs. Working backward, we realised that this goal could be achieved if we (and more people like us) are able to answer the following questions with a specially designed solution:- 

Navigem - Evidence Based Data Governance

Navigem's Evidence Based Data Governance solutions presentation.

The Boring Company

As part of the smart city project, less lime to travel for working class will increase the productivity of the city. Densely populated cities currently have no land for extremely fast transportaion. Such issues are also prevalent in Cities outside India.


Navigem Data (Navigem), a Big Data and analytics shop with a niche in the urban space (Smart City segment) provides Evidence Based Governance Solutions through a slew of custom – built modules, tools and accelerators.

Cloud Software Platforms

A suite of pre-integrated or standalone software platforms designed for public municipalities & private companies who operate in waste logistics & recycling materials, new energy plants & supply loops driving efficiency & accuracy; delivering profitability, flexibility and usabili

opto-sensing: high-spatial resolution distributed optical fiber sensors

Optosensing is an academic spin-off between Second University of Naples and HPSYSTEM.IT.