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Navigem Data (Navigem), a Big Data and analytics shop with a niche in the urban space (Smart City segment) provides Evidence Based Governance Solutions through a slew of custom – built modules, tools and accelerators.

A platform partner with the 100 Resilient Cities (100RC), a Rockefeller Foundation initiative, Navigem is working with cities within India and outside implementing solutions incorporating the best-in-breed technologies for Smart Unified Governance for Cities which includes –

1. City Mobile Apps to address core issues & build data for Analysis/MIS
2. Ease of extending the framework to address any issue
3. Citizen Engagement & Participatory Governance
4. Pan City application and Smart Dashboard for Decision Makers
5. Mobile Service Delivery
6. Centralized Master Command & Control
7. Geo-Fencing, Geo-Tagging of Properties & Assets
8. GPS based Garbage collection and vehicle tracking
9. WorkFlow based Operations Management and Monitoring, 
10. Grievance Redressal based on GIS
11. Build a Data Hub for the City; thus promoting an OpenData Society.
12. Create/Manage Data on Cloud and automatic push to the backend City ERP systems
13. Supplement & Complement existing infrastructure (hardware & software) & build on the available systems, technologies and practices