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List of Public Bike Sharing Operators

List of Public Bike Sharing Operators.

Plutekk Technologies Limited

 PLUTEK is a startup company working with partners, providing smart city solution products for

RayPole - A Smart Pole for Smart Cities

Raypoles is a next-gen multi-function outdoor pole unit designed to efficiently provide several features that are congruent to smart city requirements.

Aquam Pipe Diagnostics

Aquam pipe diagnostics is a specialized technology and service provider focused on pipeline assessment and inspection solutions.

Aquam Pipe Rehabilitation: Pipeline Cleaning and Testing

Aquam Pipeline Refurbishment's team of engineers deliver advanced pipe cleaning technologies removing tubercles and other deposists from potable water, wastewater, industrial and gas pipelines.

Aquam Pipe Rehabilitation

Aquam Pipe Refurbishment (APR) manufactures and installs advanced pipelining systems for the rehabilitation of deteriorating or failing pipeline infrastructure using blown-in epoxy coatings and proven pipe cleaning techniques.

RPG Smart Infra

RPG Smart Infra is the Smart Infrastructure vertical of RPG Group (, a $3.5 billion conglomerate with diversified businesses in the space of infrastructure, renewable energy, information technology, power ancillary and transport, based in Mum

Intelligent Transport Systems

Over the tme, Intelligent Transport System (ITS) has become important for any country not only for trafc congeston management, but also for modern infrastructure and safety.

Air Synergy

Air synergy are a clean tech design innovation company, providing off grid remote power solutions for smart city applications such as cctv, traffic monitoring, air quality, radio, wifi, water monitoring, off grid lighting and security surveillance.

Aiming Life: Automated Green Corridor for quickest passage of ambulances on roadways, saving crucial time and lives

A solution developed for minimizing the response time of emergency vehicles. Traffic a persistent problem in all major cities globally, often ambulances get delayed due to traffic congestion leading to fatal consequences.