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Floatbot Floatbot

Floatbot - Omni Channel AI Chatbot Platform for Citizen Engagement

Floatbot is Omni-channel AI chatbot to automate Citizen Services. Floatbot is first AI chatbot to be launched for any smart city in India. Once a chatbot is configured on Floatbot platform, it can be integrated to all citizen touch-points such as Citizen Web portal, Mobile app, Facebook, Whatsapp, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Telegram, Skype, Slack

Floatbot integrates with eGovernance, Citizen Grievance and ICOP platforms to provide one interface to Citizens. Floatbot can provide all Citizen services such as birth certificate, death certificate, payment of property tax, questions related to temperature, smart parking on AI chatbot

Once Floatbot is trained it can answer all the citizen queries automatically 24x7 thereby increasing the Citizen delight and engagement.

Floatbot support transactions on chatbot, payment of eChallan, Property tax, water tax, professional tax can be automated via Chatbot

Floatbot supports local languages, login/sign-up of Citizens on AI chatbot, fall back to human agent in case AI bot can't answer to citizen query. Agents can login from Collaboration app and can reply back to citizens. Agents will be able to see history chat between Citizens and Bot

Government can engage Citizens using Floatbot platform and send targeted/personalized broadcasts such as payment reminders, heath updates, policy updates, surveys, polls and can track the delivery and read statistics