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Aiming Life: Automated Green Corridor for quickest passage of ambulances on roadways, saving crucial time and lives

A solution developed for minimizing the response time of emergency vehicles. Traffic a persistent problem in all major cities globally, often ambulances get delayed due to traffic congestion leading to fatal consequences. This technology can be easily integrated with existing road infrastructure and creates a temporary green corridor on pre defined lane for ambulances serving critical cases. Pre-warning mechanism to alert all vehicles on roadway and dedicate one lane on roadway for emergency vehicle only. Other vehicles have few minutes for clearing passage and have clear guidelines for movement or lane preference. Self sustainable revenue model :- Cost of installing and maintaining additional infrastructure will be recovered from advertising revenue.

The technology mainly focuses on: (1)Public health and emergency medical services. (2)Smart roads and sustainable cities. (3)Make in India (Patent pending technology) (4)Global innovation for saving millions of lives. (5)A vision of NEW INDIA where life comes first. In INDIA according to the National Crime Records Bureau, nearly 24,012 people die each day due to delay in getting medical aid. Thus criticality and magnitude of this problem should be addressed with serious attention.