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National Urban Innovation Stack – Unlocking Urban India’s Innovation and Growth Potential

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Document Category: Consultation Paper

India’s cities are driving economic growth of the country. By 2030 urban India will contribute more than 70% of India’ GDP and house at least 40% of national population. They already are home to the most innovative companies and organizations and a vibrant ecosystem of actors including government, industry, academia, and civil society. In order to capitalize on the potential of India’s cities and their ecosystems, it is important to drive greater collaboration between ecosystem actors.

Smart Cities Mission is focused on driving economic growth and improving the quality of life of India’s urban residents through many different means, crucial among those being harnessing of the power of technology. Thus, it is well placed to catalyze transformative collaboration in the urban ecosystem through establishing a shared digital infrastructure in the form of the National Urban Innovation Stack (NUIS).

NUIS will strengthen the capacity of the urban ecosystem to solve complex programs at speed and scale by unlocking the power of urban data, build capacity among all actors of the quadruple helix, driving discoverability and collaboration between urban stakeholders, and enabling responsive and data driven governance. It will provide participants with the digital tools and platforms, standards, specifications and certifications, and enable greater coordination and integration amongst them.

NUIS will support several key programs including the India Urban Data Exchange, India Urban Connect, SmartProcure, Research and Innovation for Urban India, National Urban learning Platform, SmartCode and Smart Governance to name a few. MoHUA is working towards establishing the digital and physical backbone as a foundational institution to catalyze the ecosystem, consolidate existing resources and drive innovation across India.

We urge you to treat this strategy and approach paper as an invitation to participate in these programs and join us in our journey to developing a best-in-class digital public good for urban India. Your comments/ suggestions/ remarks are invaluable for us. We strongly believe the NUIS will have a revolutionary impact on urban governance in the country and become the cornerstone of our urban governance and innovation ecosystem for many years to come.

We request you to provide your comments/ suggestions/ recommendations on this consultation paper, here by 15th Feb 2019.