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Request for Expression of Interest (REoI) for Selection of Partner for providing Software Implementation and Consulting Services for Development of National Urban Governance Platform (NUGP) at NIUA-CDG (on No-cost basis)

NIUA has setup the Center for Digital Governance (CDG) to host, operationalise and manage the NUIS and anchor the collaborative, ecosystem-driven processes that it will enable. Envisioned as a trusted partner for digitally-enabled governance transformation, CDG works across multiple practice areas, including governance, platforms, partnerships, learning, research, and communications. CDG has launched the Citizen-Centric Smart Governance (CCSG) program as a priority initiative, aiming to improve delivery of municipal services by urban local bodies (ULBs) and other government agencies in urban India.

The CCSG Program endeavours to create an open reference platform - the National Urban Governance Platform (NUGP) – with 9 services viz. Property Tax Assessment and Payment; Building Plan Approval; Municipal Grievance Redressal; Trade License Issuance and Payment; No-Objection Certificate (NOC) Issuance; Water and Sewerage Connection Management;  NMAM-Compliant Municipal Accounting and Finance; Birth and Death Certificates; and User Charges – electricity, water supply, etc. for the benefit of States that can choose to adopt and/or implement it through different mechanisms as highlighted in the Technical Implementation Guidelines. The NUGP will be built on the foundation of the NUIS. This will be supplemented with the creation of digital standards for each of these domains and operational guidelines on program design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation as per need. In order to operationalise the platform in the Indian States, a panel of service providers will be provided that States/cities can choose to hire, if required. 

The purpose of this Request for Expression of Interest (REoI) is to select a Partner for providing Software Implementation and Consulting Services for development, operationalisation and management of National Urban Governance Platform (NUGP), on behalf of NIUA-CDG.

NIUA invites sealed ‘Proposals’ from eligible, reputed, qualified Companies / Societies / Trusts or a Consortium of such aforementioned entities represented by the Lead Member, who participates in the process as detailed out in this REoI document. This REoI is open to all Offerors meeting the minimum eligibility criteria as mentioned in Section 6 of this REoI document.

NIUA envisages that the Offeror has the requisite “open-source software platform along with enabling municipal services” ready for implementation with customisation suiting to NIUA requirements.