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National Urban Innovation Stack: Digital Blueprint (Principles, Approach, Ref. Architecture & Key Building Blocks)

The National Urban Innovation Stack (NUIS) is envisioned to act as a digital public good which will enable different stakeholders to collaboratively design, implement, and refine innovative solutions to local problems at scale and speed, thus decentralising the 'capacity to solve'. NUIS adopts a stack approach to provide both adaptability and ease of adoption, envisioning a fractal pattern of platforms which can be customised for the intended context as per the users' needs. Launched on 25th June 2020, the Centre for Digital Governance at NIUA serves as the institutional home for all programs and platforms under NUIS. 

The objective of this NUIS Digital Blueprint is to provide an overview of the NUIS stack approach, and to illustrate how the different components of the stack contribute to meeting the twin requirements of adaptability and ease of use. Key aspects such as the stack approach, design principles, standards, platform architecture layers, and building blocks are summarised in this Digital Blueprint. It provides a framework to assess participating platforms/solutions against NUIS requirements; as well as an approach to governance for the programs, platforms, and data that will be created or identified in keeping with the NUIS strategy.

The NUIS Digital Blueprint will facilitate the paradigm shift envisioned by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, through the medium of the National Urban Innovation Stack.