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Technical Implementation Guidelines for CCSG Technical Implementation Guidelines for CCSG

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Technical Implementation Guidelines for Citizen-Centric Smart Governance (CCSG) Program - Draft for Consultation

National Urban Innovation Stack (NUIS) – A Digital Blueprint for Urban India

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), Government of India released the National Urban Innovation Stack (NUIS) strategy in February 2019. The NUIS program will build and provide a shared digital infrastructure - a collection of digital platforms - together with programmatic support to enable stakeholders across the urban ecosystem to adopt and scale up these platforms.

Designed with a deep understanding of the urban ecosystem, these platforms will provide a set of building blocks that can be assembled to meet local needs, reduce duplication of efforts, enhance equitable access to government services, and simplify the process of collaboration and solution development. NUIS will save costs and time, while ensuring flexibility and interoperability.

While the need for urban e-governance is felt across the country, different states and cities are at different stages of this journey. In creating national open digital platforms, the NUIS program aims to ensure that all states have equal opportunity to participate and develop solutions localized to their needs.

Citizen-Centric Smart Governance (CCSG)

Under the aegis of NUIS, the Citizen-Centric Smart Governance Program looks at ways to improve service delivery by urban local bodies (ULBs) and other government agencies that provide services in urban India. The urban ecosystem today struggles with constraints on capacity and data. This results in a lack of citizen-centric governance, affecting quality of service delivery and reducing the ease of doing business. ULB leaders, citizens and municipal employees need tools to manage the inherent complexity and dynamism of India’s cities.

CCSG Technical Implementation Guidelines

The Technical Implementation Guidelines will help states identify ways to leverage the platforms, applications, and other support provided by the CCSG program in order to improve urban e-governance in their cities. 

Purpose and Audience

This document presents the draft Citizen-Centric Smart Governance (CCSG) Technical Implementation Guidelines, together with illustrations of some of the concepts, and guiding questions for reader feedback. A final version of the CCSG Technical Implementation Guidelines will be prepared based on the feedback received on this draft.


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