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The Future of Smart: Harnessing Digital Innovation to Make London the Best City in the World

This report looks at the Smart London Board’s progress in advising, developing and promoting the use of digital infrastructure and data in London since the published plan two years ago. It also identifies future opportunities for the next Mayor of London.
The Smart London Board identifies the following actions as priorities for the next Mayor:

  • Engaging our citizens – putting Londoners at the core, through wide, inclusive digital engagement, and improving digital skills for all 
  • Enabling good growth – through resilient digital infrastructure, smart homes, making more data available, and investing in innovation
  • Working with business – breaking down boundaries, supporting common standards, producing smarter regulations, and scaling-up innovation

This report starts by checking progress against the seven aims of the Smart London Plan. The following three sections look at how it has engaged citizens, encouraged good growth, and partnered with London’s businesses to use smart technologies to improve the city. Finally, it ends by outlining the Smart London Board’s nine priorities for the future of ‘smart’ in London.