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Smart London Plan: Using the creative power of new technologies to serve London and improve Londoners’ lives

Since its formation in March 2013, the Smart London Board has been advising the Greater London Authority. It is defining a vision for a smarter London and a tangible path to integrate opportunities from new digital technologies into the fabric of London. This Smart London Plan is the initial output from our efforts. It is the starting point for London to engage and shape our future collectively.

To support London’s future growth, there is a need to look to what new approaches innovation in digital technology can bring. This Smart London Plan is for Londoners, businesses, researchers, investors and everyone with an interest in the London’s future. The Plan sits within the overarching framework of the Mayor’s Vision 2020. It focuses on what City Hall will be doing between now and the end of the Mayoral term - to which all of London are asked to contribute to and support.