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Smart City Opportunities For London

Cities across the world recognise that the benefi ts of digital technology are multi-fold, including helping cities to solve their challenges and contribute to the growth of their economies. This report was commissioned by the Greater London Authority (GLA) to investigate how London can make the most of the benefi ts of digital technology by assessing London’s strengths as a smart city and identifying the opportunities for stakeholders in the smart city market. These stakeholders include the GLA, London’s boroughs, utility companies, public contractors, businesses, entrepreneurs, and citizens.

The findings of this report will support the update of the Smart London Plan, the capital’s smart city strategy. It looks at five key industries in detail – energy, water, waste, transport and health – setting out the barriers to be considered now and in the future, and making recommendations as to how to maximise the opportunities that these sectors present. These sectors have been chosen because of their significance to the London economy and the opportunities they present. The research will show the size of the smart city market within each of these sectors and potential gaps for innovative products and services.