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E-governance awards 2015-2016 E-governance awards 2015-2016


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CSI Nihilent eGov Awards 2017: Call for Nominations

Partial Date: 2017CE Aug 16th to 2017CE Aug 19th
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Document Category: Awards, E-Governance

The Computer Society of India’s Nihilent e-Governance (CNeG) Awards have paralleled the evolution of National e-Governance plan [NeGP], Digital India and Digital Transformation initiatives of the Country. 

These awards were instituted way back in the year 2002 with three major objectives:

  • To be an independent focal point for the assessment of e-Governance initiatives in the country.
  • To take the lead in recognizing the vision and the effort of various levels of Government officials in bringing e-Governance initiatives to fruition against all odds.
  • To act as a repository and to provide a channel for e-Governance champions of the Country to share their knowledge with interested stakeholders i.e., an aggregator of e-Governance knowledge and experience originating in the country.

The CNeG Awards process is now in the 15th year. In keeping with vision of the founders of the CNeG Awards – all categories have acquired unparalleled levels of respectability and repute. Pioneers of e-Governance in the Country have been at the helm of the awards. The Governments - both at the Centre and State levels - and many of their departments provide their active support, year after year. Eminent personalities drawn from the Government, the Industry and the academia lend their time and expertise to the multi stage assessment process. Nominations for the CSI Nihilent eGov Awards 2017 are being accepted until 19th August 2017 under the following award categories.

  1. Best eGovernance Projects - Sub Category 1: Central Government Ministries / Departments / Autonomous Institutions / Commissions / PSUs;  Sub Category 2: State Government Ministries / Departments/ Autonomous Institutions of State Government; Sub Category 3: Local initiatives by Districts / ULBs (City Corporations)
  2. Best ICT Interventions-Named Themes (New Category)  - Sub Category 1: Safety of Women in Public Spaces – Initiatives by Cities; Sub Category 2: Public Transport Organizations – Safety of Commuters 
  3. Best eGovernance State (New template) - Sub Category 1: All States / UTs other than North East (NE) States; Sub Category 2: NE States
  4. Sustenance Projects (By Invitation Only) - CSI Nihilent eGovernance Awards 2011-12 Project Category Award of Excellence winners are eligible to participate

If you have a successful eGovernment initiative which has at least six months of implementation prior to 1 st July 2017, you may wish to nominate.

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