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Count me in Count me in

Count me in: Surveying for tenure security and Urban land management

Published in 2010, this publication by UN-HABITAT  is about participatory enumerations and the role they can play in urban upgrading, planning and development – and in improving land tenure security for the residents of informal settlements around the world.

It looks at who undertakes participatory enumerations, and why they do so. It explains how participatory enumerations work and different ways of doing them. It identifies different reasons for doing participatory enumerations, providing a number of case studies as practical examples.

The book also describes existing and emerging methods and approaches to participatory enumerations, their potential contribution to urban management, land management and land information management, and the challenge of achieving sustainable urban development.

Target audiences for Count Me In include policymakers, community organisations, land professionals, development organisations, researchers, consultants and academics.

The publication was sponsored by Cities Alliance and the Governments of Norway and Sweden.