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With over 40 years of rich experience, I have extensive experience in the Indian Power Sector for 29 years, and over 11 years in the Information & Communication Technology domain for the Indian state-owned Maharatna company Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.(POWERGRID) Currently working as a Member of the Expert Committee for the academic course on Smart City for Indira Gandhi National Open University, India. As a certified Technical consultant from the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, I have been an advisor to the India Smart Grid Forum and also had been a Consultant–Smart Grid for POWERGRID for extending expertise and knowledge for successful development and implementation of Smart Grid Pilot projects in State Distribution companies. As an alumni of Indian School of Business, Hyderabad and Head of Department(IT), POWERGRID, I was the Team Lead for the digital transformation of POWERGRID into a knowledge-centric organisation through Project Management and Change Management for ICT enabled e-Governance initiatives e.g. Envisioning organizational ICT Mission and strategy for POWERGRID, Formulation of IT Policy and Business Model for Corporate e-Governance, Design, Development, Implementation, and management of Enterprise-Wide Converged Information Technology & Communication Network and services, Implementation of Management Information System and Knowledge Management System, Conceptualization, Planning, and Initiation of Enterprise Resource Planning for Enterprise-wide Integrated Information System. As a Certified Lead Auditor – Information Security Management System from the British Standard Institute, I was CISO and have led the initiative of Information Security Management System – Policy & Process for ISO 27001 certification, Compliance of Statutory Cyber Security guidelines and Co-ordination with CERT-In, Department of Information and Technology, National Technical Research Organization (NTRO), Ministry of Power, Organizing Sectorial CERT-Transmission under Ministry of Power. As a scientific officer from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, I was responsible for the management of Power distribution Systems associated with Nuclear Power development projects. As a power system professional, was responsible for Planning, Design, and management of National Power System Development Projects towards the establishment of National Power Grid for Bulk Power Transfer through Regional and Inter-regional Extra-high Voltage Power Transmission Highways in India. As a part of Industry-Academy collaboration, I deliver lecturHes in leading Technology, Management, and Power Training Institutes for various curriculum and programmes. I am also a speaker in various forums, International and national seminars and conferences. I have been conferred with a number of National, oraganisational, and Media Hose awards on professional excellence.