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Madhurima is an urban planner and development professional with very strong leadership, project management, technical, creative thinking capacities. Has been a commonwealth scholar with academic and research qualifications from diverse institutions including UCLondon, C.E.P.T and TERI University. Over 16 years of consulting, research and knowledge sharing experience. Her key experiences include Team Leader, WB TA historic cities revitalisation involving around 60 cities across India, expert inputs to URDPFI guidelines, capacity building and technical inputs to Jaipur Development Authority, inputs to diverse london projects, sustainability assessment of MUIP project, Mumbai, team leader for Shell R&D campus, bangalore, 3 years technical as well as project management inputs for GPCPSIR and capacity building for its development authority. Assam plastic park DPR, various B.T. parks. She has taught architecture and urban design at MIT, Manipal and Amity University. Earlier she has worked as assistant architect for the award winning design of Maharashtra state medical university and been principal architect at her own firm.