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Smart City Proposal Davanagere Smart City Proposal Davanagere
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The Smart City Challenge Stage 2: Smart City Proposal Davanagere

Vision Statement - “Davanagere aspires to be a city where L.I.F.E nestles”.

L – Livable in Safety and Convenience  ,

I –  Inclusive,

F – Financially Vibrant, Futuristic ,

E – Edutainment, Economic Prosperity and Environmental Friendly.

The intent is to transform the unplanned and congested inner core of the city, which is negatively impacting the augmentation of the city and the quality of life of the citizens. Progressing in alignment with the strategic plan a critical SME, the Mandakki Bhatti enterprises located in the city core have been identified for a typological retro-fit project. Further an Economic Hub and a heritage and cultural precinct within the core have been identified for retro-fit supported by a rejuvenated and engineeringly designed road with NMT network and services, Underground utility network and an efficient solid waste management system. The strategy here is to propose a holistic approach to revitalise the inner city core to be Liveable, walkable, congestion free, economically viable with more employment, ecologically sustainable and culturally vibrant.

The intent is to re-vitalize and energize the city’s urban mobility, by strategic and targeted ICT based solutions being infused into the city’s public transport, NMT and road networks that will be supported by an effective PIS system across various platforms.