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Smart City Proposal-New Town Kolkatta Smart City Proposal-New Town Kolkatta
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The Smart City Challenge-Stage 2: Smart City Proposal-New Town Kolkata

“New Town Kolkata Smart City aspires to leverage its existing and future investments to create a livable city that is economically vibrant and takes pride in itself”

The strategy is to improve quality of life and create economic opportunities - improving livability in an area having relatively better infrastructure in a sustainable and inclusive manner, which is replicable and acts as a model for developing the rest of the city. The idea is to leverage the existing and proposed investments (like existing physical infrastructure, upcoming Metro Rail project, current & upcoming housing & commercial projects, etc.) to attain the strategic areas of the strategic blue print.

The objective of the two proposed Pan City solutions - (i) One-NKDA Intelligent Governance System (focusing on providing solutions pertaining to improved Governance, Living,  Business Facilitation, Safety & Security, Mobility & Connectivity) and (ii) Pan City Smart & Safe Mobility Solution (focusing on providing solution on improved transportation and mobility), is to create a scalable, sustainable and inclusive solution which will enable bettering governance, enhancing service delivery to all citizen, improving quality of life, enhancing mobility and connectivity, increasing safety & security and creating economic opportunities – thus improving livability.