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Smart City Challenge Round 3: Smart City Proposal Tiruchirapalli

The vision of Tiruchirappalli - nurturing religious and heritage tourism, to bring out vibrant communities and dynamic economy that is all supported by smart infrastructure which would yield healthy, clean and livable place for all.”

The key themes identified are:

•    Heritage cum Tourism promotion - Conserving the rich heritage of the temples and promoting religious tourism within the city would boost tourism led growth.
•    Vibrant Communities - Communities are cleaner, greener, safer and accessible all the citizens hence improving the aesthetics of the city
•    Dynamic Economy – Inclusive growth of economy by providing opportunities to all sectors through skill development and improvised amenities.
•    Smart Infrastructure – Robust infrastructure with the influx of ICT would improve the city’s basic infrastructure pattern and also reduce the carbon footprint.
•    Place for all – Incorporation of all citizens from different walks of life like slums, physically disabled and elderly.