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Smart City Proposal Kakinada Smart City Proposal Kakinada
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The Smart City Challenge Stage 2: Smart City Proposal Kakinada

The vision of the city is to “Transform Kakinada from Pensioners’ Paradise to Economic Destination”. A city that is Economically Vibrant, Inclusive, Liveable & Sustainable based on its existing and potential strengths including the Port, Tourism and the Oil & Gas Sector.

The ideas behind short listing the area based development are;

 (1) The area shall include main features of the city

(2) The extent shall be such that the projects/initiatives can be implemented with ease and goals can be achieved within the time frame

(3) The area shall have basic infrastructure which can be improved upon

(4) Implementation of the smart initiatives / projects shall have impact city wide so that the smart initiatives / projects can be scaled up to city level comfortably

(5) The visibility of the city and area in particular shall be improved manifold by implementation of the smart initiatives / projects

(6) The area shall have minimum risks which prevent the success of the area based initiatives / projects

(7) The area shall include the majority of population who will be willing to pay for better infrastructure, improved services and enhanced living conditions

To achieve Kakinada’s vision for a smart city, two initiatives shortlisted are:

A) Implementation of ICT based Municipal Solid Waste Management

B) Implementation of ICT based Intelligent Urban Services