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Roadmap of WASH Ecosystem

Inspired by SBM,AMRUT, SCM and supported by USAID, National Institute of Urban affairs (NIUA) endeavoured to create an Innovation Hub for Urban Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (IHUWASH) solution in India.The project has contributed significantly in improving the urban WASH sector performance through incubation and acceleration of innovative solutions, technologies, programs and service delivery models within a collaborative framework. It was implemented in the three cities namely Faridabad, Udaipur, and Mysuru and has thoroughly supported the cities in improving theWASH scenario.To ensure the success of IHUWASH project it was important that the key stakeholders—municipal corporations, industries and private sector, academia, and the citizenry are united to create and strengthen the ecosystem ofWASH.The municipal corporations with along with IHUWASH collaborated with local technical institutions to create WASH labs that supported the municipal corporations in implementing the innovative WASH solutions through various means.

Over the project duration, IHUWASH has enabled an ecosystem of WASH sensitive stakeholders and has created avenues for these stakeholders to support the city administration to take informed decisions on WASH interventions. One of the achievements of the project is sensitizing the stakeholders that the WASH betterment of the city, not just lies with the city administrators but also effectively rests on the users of the WASH facilities. For example in Mysuru, a group of doctors specialised in Public Health approached WASH lab voluntarily to support the cause of the project.

This Coffee Table book through the myriads of images showcases the people, activities, and achievements of IHUWASH project.The book resonates the journey of the project in a capsule and hopes through its various facets; it can connect with the readers while displaying an example of how a WASH ecosystem in India looks like. There may have been lacunas in the project, but in a short span of time; bit by bit IHUWASH has been able to make a lasting impression in each of its project cities.