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SCP Shimla SCP Shimla

Smart City Challenge Round 3: Smart City Proposal Shimla

The strategic blueprint for development of Shimla city, as a liveable and sustainable city shall be laid on principles of resilient city, which shall have the capacity of indiviuals, communities, institutions, businesses and systems. Accordingly, Shimla's Strategic Blueprint is structured in 7 focus area

  1. Anchor and restore the city's historic & natural assets to strengthen tourism
  2. A resilient & efficient infrastructure system for enhanced quality of life
  3. Augment & strengthen city wide mobility
  4. MInimize human vulnerability by providing safe built environment
  5. Extending and rejuvenating urban systems to ensure a safe and an inclusive development
  6. Enhancing skills and strengthening economic ecosystem to reap demographic dividend
  7. Building base for a proactive and responsive governance