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The Change Makers, Making Maharashtra ODF and Clean

Since the launch of Swachh Maharashtra Mission (Urban) in 2015 by the Government of Maharashtra, the cities have shown dedicated efforts in promoting the mission and increasing their own capacities towards the realization of this goal. Maharashtra proudly hosts 52 open defecation free cities under the first two milestones of this mission and intends to achieve entire urban Maharashtra ODF by 2nd October 2017. This has been achieved through various innovative practices undertaken by the ULBs as per their capacities with the aid of Central and State Government. Similar approach towards managing the solid waste is also embarked upon by the cities. Thus, cities have become change makers by adopting new practices for better management in sanitation and solid waste thereby paving way for other cities to follow.

These innovative practices need to be captured and shared across the state as an enhanced learning experience for effective  implementation of the mission. This handbook documents few of such practices in the State so that they can be replicated further thus moving towards the dream of Swachh Maharashtra and eventually, Swachh Bharat. Apart from the ones those are documented here, there are many such innovations thought of and being implemented by the cities. There may be many such cities captured in the next
volume of this book.