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Multifamily Design Guidelines

The purpose of the Multifamily Design Guidelines is to ensure that new multifamily development implements the General Plan Community Character Element and exemplifies high quality architecture, appropriately connects to its surroundings, meets the demands of future generations for design variety and interest, includes well designed amenities and open spaces, orients outward to the community, promotes sustainability, and contributes to walkable and safe environments. The Multifamily Design Guidelines are intended to guide the fine level of detail applied at the design review stage to ensure the integration of site planning and architectural details that result in high quality and compatible development. This document is organized into two sections. The first section consists of “design rules”, which are mandatory and objective design standards that must be satisfied by multifamily developments unless an applicant requests discretionary design review wherein additional justification demonstrates that the intent of the design rules is met by alternative means. The second section consists of “design guidelines” which are not mandatory requirements, but provide a defined framework of the design principles that supplement the mandatory design rules. Design guidelines should be incorporated into the design of multifamily developments.