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Public Transport Accessibility Toolkit

City authorites who are responsible for the provision of public transport facilites in the city should also take care to ensure accessibility to these services for its existng and potental users. Ofen, provision of facilites alone without planning for its accessibility could lead to a situaton where these facilites are underutlized. While there is an emphasis on creatng good public transport systems, it is interestng to note that public transport users in India are mostly captve users and not users of the system by choice.

This is a mater of huge concern. Inaccessibility to public transport has been identfed as a key reason to this problem. However, city authorites, whose responsibility it is to ensure accessibility are currently without any guidance on how to improve the same. This tool kit aims to fll this knowledge gap and act as a guide for urban practtoners and authorites to plan and design for accessible public transport systems