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Smart City Proposal-Port Blair Smart City Proposal-Port Blair
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The Smart City Challenge-Stage 2: Smart City Proposal-Port Blair

VISION STATEMENT: To make Port Blair a vibrant and Eco-friendly tourist destination, focusing on economic development, efficient urban services, participatory social development and connectivity.

In case of Port Blair, the (...)  area based development is proposed to be realized through retrofitting and redevelopment strategies with a total investment of Rs. 770.15 crore. Economic sustainability is ensured through intense tourism development in the chosen area along with skill development for tertiary sector employability. Retrofitting projects are to be implemented in order to improve the key metrics of livability and environmental sustainability.

Internet connectivity in Port Blair is through satellite. The existing 1 GBPS bandwidth is inadequate to meet the demand of 1.40 lakh population. The Pan city proposals are therefore focused on innovative solutions for providing IETS services to the citizens without accessing the world wide web.