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Urban Water Supply and Sanitation in Indian Cities Urban Water Supply and Sanitation in Indian Cities

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Urban Water Supply and Sanitation in Indian Cities

The Compendium on ‘Good Practices in Water Supply and Sanitation in Indian cities’ seeks to showcase select good practices across a variety of sub-themes in the water and sanitation sector. The objective of this Compendium is to draw insights on underlying success factors and contextual nuances in these cases and to distil possible lessons and insights for wider adoption/replication across cities in India. In order to ensure that the Compendium reflects the diversity and multi-dimensional nature of issues confronting India’s urban water and sanitation sector, the projects/initiatives were categorised under five themes. These five categories include: (a) Governance and Institutional strengthening, (b) Information management and efficiency improvement, (c) Environment sustainability and technology adoption, (d) Community participation and citizen service and (e) Financial sustainability. The Compendium details ten case studies under each of these five categories, with the first case as a detailed case and the second one a snapshot case.