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Smart leaning: Ahmedabad Smart leaning: Ahmedabad

Smart Learning program: Ahmedabad

This presenatation enlists the objectives of Smart learning as seen by Ahmedabad and enlistses the initiatives that have been undertaken to achieve the same. Followed be a brief mention of the impact of these changes.

The Objective identified are

  • To concrete the concepts of Math,Science,SS & Language through various comprehensive activities.
  • To execute Experimental based learning of math and science.
  • To impart the best of the highly qualified and experienced faculty of Math,Science,SS & Language to the students of Ahmedabad Municipal school board.
  • To make the contemporary approaches, methodologies and techniques reach all the teachers and students.
  • To acquaint the students beyond the text materials.
  • To provide Higher order learning.
  • To implant and develop critical thinking among the students.
  • To utilize I.C.T. in classroom transaction.