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Tiruneveli SCP Tiruneveli SCP
Tirunevelli Tirunevelli

Smart City Challenge Round 3: Smart City Proposal Tirunelveli

To develop an attractive, inviting, and secure city for its citizens by promoting  heritage value,urban mobility,diversified economy and exploitation of the full potential of the renewable energy resource and digital technology. 

The vision lays out the strategic intent to cultivate and promote the city as a major heritage hub and economic centre attracting tourists and knowledge based enterprises by  leveraging and empowering its institutions and talent pool. The smart city plan will entail a combination of strategies to create and sustain this ‘aspiration’. A detailed description of the proposed vision statement and its relevance to the unique challenges and opportunities present in the city is described through 7 identified key elements which is described below
Theme 1: A Vibrant Tourism, Pilgrimage & Leisure Destination
Theme 2: Enhanced mobility and accessibility
Theme 3: Low Carbon City 
Theme 4: Proactive environment protection
Theme 5: Smart Trunk Infrastructure
Theme 6: Equitable City 
Theme 7: Technology for all