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Corrigendum 2 Corrigendum 2
Pune Place making 3 Rfp1 Pune Place making 3 Rfp1
Pune Place making 3 Rfp2 Pune Place making 3 Rfp2
Pune Place making 3 Rfp3 Pune Place making 3 Rfp3
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Request for Proposal for Selection of Agency for Comprehensive Development of Placemeking Venues in Pune, Including Development of Detailed Design, Engineering, Procurement, Erection and Construction

Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited (PSCDCL) is proposing comprehensive development of Placemaking initiates in two sites including development of detailed design, engineering, procurement, erection and construction (the “Project”). The details of the sites and the proposed development are provided in the Project Information Memorandum (Appendix 3 of RFP). The Selected Bidder shall be responsible for implementing and operating the Project in accordance with the provisions of the Detailed Design Construction Contract (the “Contract”) to be entered into between PSCDCL and the Selected Bidder.