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Common Payment Card System (CPCS) – Ahmedabad Common Payment Card System (CPCS) – Ahmedabad

Common Card Payment System (CCPS): Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) is the prime governing body responsible for the civic infrastructure and administration of the city of Ahmedabad. AMC has formed a separate Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Smart City Ahmedabad Development Limited (SCADL) for the implementation of various ICT smart city projects and one such project Common card payment system (CCPS). AMC have launched open loop smart card known as Janmitra card with an aim to offer citizens of Ahmedabad a common platform for payments. This project is bringing enormous ease to the citizens by way of paying electronically using smart card for services such as property tax, AMC bills, electricity bills, restaurants bills, city transport etc. This project is based on public private partnership model where SCADL partnered with ICICI bank on a unique model and the entire implementation cost would be bared by ICICI bank in lieu of very miniscule revenue percentage for non-transit expenditure. 
Unique features of the card includes: 
• 10% discount to be given to the passenger who are using Janmitra smart card 
• 40% discount for students / handicap people on BRTS travel fare on personalized cards. 
• Discount / offers on selected Food & Beverage Outlets 
• 2MBPS high speed free Wi-Fi access on 145 BRTS stations.
• Top up facility on Janmitra cards can be done at all 157 BRTS stations as well as 300 Plus EASYPAY outlets spread across Ahmedabad. 
• Chip card issued with PIN/Password protection. 
• This card is used for making property tax payment at 58 AMC Civic centers and around 300 + easy pay outlets across the city. 
• 24*7 Janmitra call Centre number - 18002669849