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ATSCS Bhubaneswar ATSCS Bhubaneswar

Adaptive Traffic Signal Control System - Bhubaneswar

To enhance the efficiency of the signalized intersections the city has proposed to have a coordinated traffic signal control system. This necessitates installation of Adaptive Traffic Signal Control System at signalized intersections in the city. In light of the above Bhubaneswar, has recently procured the requisite
technology of traffic engineering named Composite Signal Control Strategy (CoSiCoSt) developed by C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) – a research and development organization under the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India. CoSiCoSt technology is an advanced control system capable to synchronize the traffic signal according to real time traffic conditions. The system gets input from sensors embedded in road and synchronizes the group of traffic signals accordingly. This signaling system is run on solar power and is planned to be upgraded with automatic number plate recognition, variable message signs, surveillance camera for real-time emergency and incident management system. The system shall be integrated with other smart city modules in the Central Command Centre and provide real-time decision support. The Adaptive Traffic Signal Control System is part of the Intelligent City Operations and Management Centre under the Pan City Proposal.