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Investments to end poverty 2018:meeting the financing challenge to leave no one behind

This report is the third in a series launched in 2013 ahead of Agenda 2030 to provide evidenceinformed analysis on the impact of aid on poverty, the right balance between promoting growth and direct assistance to people in poverty and the need to mobilise more resources and use them effectively. The second report provided greater insight on all the potential resources available to finance the SDGs. Investments to End Poverty 2018 sets out a clear agenda on how aid, within the broad development finance landscape, can be better targeted to support Agenda 2030’s ambitions by focusing on the poorest people first. This report and the in-depth analysis published alongside it aim to be critical resources for donors, multilateral agencies and stakeholders financing Agenda 2030. DI wants to work closely with you to ensure you have the information and evidence you need in an accessible and relevant format to improve the targeting of your work and make every dollar you spend to support Agenda 2030 count. We hope this – and the advisory role we offer openly to all – will ensure you can make the right choices on how to target your scarce resources to end poverty.