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Lucknow Smart City Proposal Lucknow Smart City Proposal
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The Smart City Challenge-Stage 2: Smart City Proposal-Lucknow

Lucknow Smart City aspires to leverage its culture and heritage by investing in inclusive and transformative solutions that enhance the quality of life for its citizens.

Lucknow Smart City proposes to invest about 1475.44 Cr in its Area-Based Development. The chosen retrofitting area, Qaiserbagh of 813 acres is an inter-phase between the old city and the relatively newer part of the city. This basic nature of an inter-phase is used as an opportunity to create an area that not only binds various parts of the city but also tries to bring in layers of city level activities.

Lucknow Smart City proposed to invest about 577.89 Cr under pan city proposal for Mobility and ICT e-governance (...) on projects under two prime focal points: Sugam Lucknow & Jeevant Lucknow.