Warangal's journey to safe cycling...

"Warangal has developed beautiful cycling lanes that promote a healthy lifestyle while causing almost no pollution. We aspire to see many more of these in our towns and cities of Telangana, for a greener future."

K T Rama Rao

Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development, Government of Telangana.

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City highlight!

What if cycling was made attractive for all?

Warangal went the extra mile to ensure diverse groups of citizens took to cycling, with something for everyone: Safe rallies for the elderly; cycling-themed events like drawing and essay competitions as well as kite festivals for children; tree planting and cleanliness drives for college students; slow cycle races and rangoli festivals for women. With cycle donation drives for the underprivileged, the city also made sure cycles reached everyone who needed them. Warangal is ensuring that every citizen—young, old, rich, and poor—is a part of the city’s cycling journey!

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