Kohima's journey to safe cycling...

"Thanks to the Challenge, our city broke the myth that it's impossible to cycle in mountainous terrain like Kohima. We are racing ahead to make Kohima the cycling capital of the North East!"

Kovi Meyase

CEO, Kohima Smart City

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City highlight!

Can cycling in the hills be fun?

The city officials faced an uphill battle—to convince citizens that cycling in the hills could be safe and fun. Here’s what they did. With a new bicycle training arena and workshops, they trained people to cycle on the slopes. Regular events and cycle rallies also got more people cycling. Today, there are more cyclists on the streets of Kohima than ever before, many even cycling to work. Some have also stepped up to champion cycling in their own communities, and make cycling in the hills the new normal.

Want to know more about Kohima's initiatives? Check out the presentation below!

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