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Moving Innovation Forward

Recognizing the importance of inclusive innovation, GIZ has partnered with CII-CESD under the MSME Umbrella Programme to improve capacities of key actors in the innovation system that seek to foster the innovative capacities of MSME and strengthen the innovation systems around them. Central goal of the activities was to support companies in bringing about sustainability and inclusive oriented innovations.

The following case studies comprise illustrations of already practiced models and strategies of high impact innovations around the world with particular respect to India. The shown examples of innovative businesses were selected based on four criteria reflecting their innovative character. Firstly, innovations need to fulfil a value for the life of people which exceeds the mere use of the product. Secondly, it requires good quality products or service for an affordable price even for lower income groups. Thirdly, resources need to be used in an efficient manner and lastly, innovations need to be scalable and easy to replicate in different local conditions.