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Rapid Assessment Tool for City Septage Budgeting

The tool has been designed by MoUD to help cities in assessing the cost estimates for Faecal Sludge Mangement. Census data of 100 smart cities and 31 AMRUT Cities is built in to the tool. The Ministry aims to support 131 designated cities in India to implement citywide faecal sludge management. These cities are expected to be the torch bearrs of FSM in the country.

How to use the Rapid Assessment Tool

  • Start with the First Input Sheet “Options. There is a drop down menue in the excell sheet. Choose from the 3 options listed under A : “what infrastructure cost estimitates you wish to generate”. Then choose B: “what period of OPEX costs” from from 2 options – 3 or 5 years Operational Costs.
  • Go to the second excel sheet title RFE. Enter the name of the Smart City, choose from the drop down menu of 100 smart cities and 31 Amrut cities that is already input into the tool. Please note that the tool only has data for these cities. If you choose a city other than these, the tool will not generate financial estimates. Please enter data for all cells that are unlocked and are not in grey colour.
  • Go to the thid excel sheet " 02- FSSM A " regarding the current FSM situation like no. of public toilets, their capacity, number of trucks owned by city for emptying of septic tanks, desludging cycle of both individual and public toilets etc. The input data rows are highlighted in blue colour. Please enter data for all cells that are unlocked and are not in grey colour. On successful filling of the data, the tool will automatically estimate the financial requirements of the city to put in place the necessary infrastructure for faecal sludge management which will be shown in the tab " RFE ". The details of the Capital cost and Operation and Maintenance cost estimates for both Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant and Waste Water Treatment Plant can be seen in Tab "03-FSSM B" and "04-LWM"respectively.

States and Cities are advised to use this Tool for generating quick finacnial assessments only. This is only a planning tool and should not be used for any other purpose.