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Economic Survey Volume 2 Economic Survey Volume 2

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Economic Survey 2016-17: Volume II

This time it was decided to split the Economic Survey into two volumes: Volume 1 as in the previous two years continued to be analytical/policy-oriented and was released just before the Budget. Volume 2 could come out at a time when data for the full year gone by became available (also in the process replacing the Mid-Year Economic Analysis that used to come out in December). That data availability largely dictated the timing of the tabling of Volume 2 in Parliament.

Volume 2 appears almost half a year (an event-rich period with GST implementation, demonetization impacts, farm stress etc.) after Volume 1, a fresh macro-economic update with an analytical review of the pressing issues seemed necessary. This update-contained in Chapter 1 ("State of the Economy") in this volume-like its counterparts in the years before 2014-15 can be attributed to the CEA, with the Economic Division taking the lead for the other chapters. It is in this respect that this volume of the Survey is more akin to the Surveys prior to 2014-15.