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Rajkot SCP Rajkot SCP
Rajkot SCP annexure Rajkot SCP annexure

Smart City Challenge Round 3: Smart City Proposal Rajkot

Rajkot SCP envisions to develop Rajkot into a smart, livable and iconic city of Gujarat with growth and sustainabel development, by leveraging its historical strength state of the art infrastructure, delivery of services and empowerig ecosystems enabling  citizens to realize their dreams. Chief goals indentified are

  1. To develop Rajkot as International Trade & Business centre
  2. To develop Rajkot as world Tourism centre
  3. To develop Rajkot as one of the best sports destination
  4. To ensure 24*7 water supply
  5. Safe and secure Rajkot with smart traffic management
  6. To solve the mobility challenge in the public transportation system
  7. To provide affordable housing
  8. To make it an inclusive city
  9. Beautification of the city
  10. Make it energy efficient