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Task Force report on Waste To Energy Task Force report on Waste To Energy

Report of the Task Force on Waste to Energy (Volume I) ( In the context of Integrated MSW Management)

The purpose of this report is to identify technically feasible, financially affordable and environmentally sound processing and disposal technologies for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and assess, evaluate and recommend systems, processes, technological options, financial mechanisms and institutional arrangements to enhance resource recovery and promote Waste to Energy (W to E) technologies while ensuring integrated management of MSW in India. The report provides an overview of the enormous management challenge that municipal solid waste presents and also offers a basis for choosing from among the various options available.

While evaluating the technological options to treat all components of wastes, factors that have been considered by the TF include quantity and composition of MSW, iii collection, segregation and transportation capabilities of Urban Local Bodies (ULBs), scale of operation (centralized vs decentralized), institutional & financial issues, conversion technology, estimation of energy, compost generation, capital and operational costs, financing options including outcome-based subsidy, levy of tipping fees and user charges and optimally exploring Public Private Partnership (PPP) and Private Sector Partnership (PSP) potential. These have been addressed with the core objectives of reduction in soil, water and air contamination, minimization of environment and health impacts, increasing the level of resource recovery and recycling and reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.