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Integrated Transport-Mobility Administration Centre Integrated Transport-Mobility Administration Centre

Integrated Transport-Mobility Administration Centre: Surat

Surat Municipal Corporation introduced SMAC Center is envisaged as an administrative control center for the city of Surat for effective and efficient delivery of all civic services. SMART City Center will operate in four layers. This centre will collect functioning information of all the departments on real time basis, as far as possible. Automated sensors and systems will send various data sets to the SMAC Center, which are analyzed to derive some conclusions. SMAC Center will play an important role in providing real time information about civic facility utilization in the city. It will help all the departments in maintaining civic service delivery standards on day-to-day basis. It will give support to the departmental heads for taking quick decisions in restoring services while handling unforeseen disturbing situations. In case of emergency situation, SMAC Center will play important role of coordinating all departments with decision support system for effectively managing rescue and relief operations. Thus the SMAC center will be able to address the issue of delivery quality civic services.